Kerry’s Wildlife Rescue & Care Inc. is a wildlife rescue group located in Brisbane, QLD Australia.
We take in orphaned, sick, or injured native wildlife and raise and or rehabilitate them until ready for release back into the wild.
We will happily take in any native wildlife, however we do focus on Possums, Kangaroos, Wallabies, and Gliders.

Found an  animal in need? Here's a quick guide on  what to do.

  •   If  the animal is injured take it to the nearest vet right away.
  •   If you have found an orphaned baby place it in  a an old t-shirt,  towel, or  baby blanket.
  •   Keep the baby  warm, but not hot.  Fill a hot  water bottle or empty soda bottle with hot tap  water  (not boiling water!)  and wrap  it with a towel or small blanket. Place baby in it's own blanket next to the hot water bottle.
  •   Keep the animal contained in a box or cat/dog carrier.
  •   Call us at  0431 674 016.